12 Mindsets that Limit Your Freedom

C_4_cirque4_229027_12131. I can’t stand it if someone gets upset with me.

2. If they say no, it will kill me.

3. I don’t deserve to get what I want or need.

4. If I make a request, it will show that I am weak.

5. I must be really inadequate if I can’t fix this myself.

6. I have to know whether a person is going to say yes before I make a request.

7. Making requests is a really pushy/self-centered/bad thing to do.

8. It doesn’t make any difference; I don’t really care.

9. Obviously, the problem is just in my head. If I would just think differently I wouldn’t have to bother anyone else.

10. This is a catastrophe/is terrible/ will destroy me.

11. Saying no to a request is a selfish thing to do.

12. I should be willing to sacrifice my own needs for others.

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The belief that opened doors for me? Discovering I could serve others through making the right requests. The request itself became a vehicle for personal transformation. I became more courageous and more confident.