Breaking My Silence

mexicoTwo weeks ago it hit me… although I hadn’t slept for months — at last I was AWAKE.

Alive in every fiber of my being.

I wondered how long it had been since I felt the exhilaration of running towards something— in place of this vacuous dread of avoiding the circumstances of my life.

Working in the pit crew at the Baja Rally for a motorcycle racer wasn’t exactly my typical late September. Immersed in the dirt, peril, and my Pacific-loving adventures, I studied the mindset of champions. Something inside me woke up when I heard the words:  “Don’t you dare fall out of that seat!”

I got it. Don’t give up. No matter what life throws at you.

A rock in the road,

a skid on a salt patch,

a wrong turn.

Don’t fall out of that seat.

And I had. In fact, I was off my seat and almost off the road entirely.


It’s been a long time since someone dared me to be great.

In my life, I’m usually the one doing that for others. 

But this time, in Baja, I was the one reaching up for the sky. You see, I’ve been struggling with a setback.

The kind of setback that made me wonder who I am and what people are good for. 

The kind of setback that made my heart race at 2 a.m. and left me gasping for air…

and quite frankly, while I’m no stranger to the challenges life shells out to those who dare to go big and scale up their business, this particular challenge brought such pain and disappointment that before I knew it I was wondering what my whole life was for.

Rocks are hard. Water is wet.Things have been happening to me in the background since the spring of 2015. Those things have included varying degrees of what many people might view as manipulation, fraud, and deceit, but I won’t say more than that for now, in an effort to resolve these issues in the only way I know how—ethically, and with integrity.

If you’ve been in a similar situation you need to know,


That’s where real solutions live.

So this summer, I hit the road, made a few trips to California, New York, and Baja, Mexico and dove into the deep end of the pool.

I had to give up running away from the pain of failure and do whatever it took to embrace it.

And so, that is why I’ve been a bit quiet. There has been little time left for anything other than the essentials: taking care of my clients, my kids, and my body, while fielding meetings with lawyers and late night calls from my friends who are also my trusted advisors. (As a side note… I have curated a life of extraordinary friendships with extraordinary people, the kind of people who can weather any shit storm with wisdom, intellect, and grace. They believe the impossible can be made possible and do all kinds of extraordinary things in the world. If you don’t have this kind of support network — you might want to find it here)

Anyway, I’ve been doing everything in my power to make sure we will have enough financial reserve, and enough heart, to continue to stand for the possibility of communication, the power of mindset, AND the fight for the empowerment of women everywhere, so they can thrive anywhere.self awareness

I found that in spite of

…the stinging pain of a surprise betrayal…

…the thousand deaths I experienced in my shame in disappointing others…

…the panic that looms when watching my body break down from stress …

…the snarls in my mind from pulsing bouts of anxiety and avalanches of doubt…

I still believe.

I still believe in the Art & Science of Irresistible Requests. I’m jazzed to have created a proven pathway for positive mindset shifts. It’s not easy to admit when you’re a perfectionist and satisfaction always seems a week away, but it’s undeniable that this body of work leaves women with a deeper understanding of who they are, clear about their strengths and opportunities, and confidently going after the marvelous gifts that await them when they are self-expressed and free.

I believe1And here’s something else I want to tell you. It has been 10 years since I started my business and I believe in the community that I have built here.

In this community we have those who work with their hands and those who work with their minds, some who have years of experience and some who are just getting started.We have women and we have men; they span the globe and reside in 13 different countries.common1

The strides that have been taken, the victories that have been shared, the projects that have come to fruition, and the improbable futures that they afforded did not come easily but I have deep respect for you and what it takes to dream huge and keep going. This community has incredible meaning for me.

So what’s next for us?

Testing 2


I believe that everything I have gone through is in service of that community and up for examination in the name of possibility. I have no interest in saving face or playing cowardly games. I am staying on my seat. And I’m all about helping you do the same.


If you feel like there’s nothing remarkable about your business or your life — if you are in pain… if you are suffering… if you are experiencing a personal tragedy or hardship— maybe you’re slipping off the seat.


Now come closer. Listen up.

When you’re slipping off the seat, when you are tested—  that is when you discover what you are truly capable of — and what you can offer the world.

The joy of not turning backI believe that when you discover the power of your mindset— and use it to its fullest potential— you can give up the struggle of trying to convince others and instead begin to converse, and produce far reaching benefits with minimal time, stress, and effort.

So I beg you. Don’t you dare fall out of that seat! Stay awake. Train your mind to be present + focused. And most of all, surround yourself with a championship team.

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The belief that opened doors for me? Discovering I could serve others through making the right requests. The request itself became a vehicle for personal transformation. I became more courageous and more confident.