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This International Pharma Exec Stopped Worrying About Being Fired and Doubled Her Salary Instead

January 18, 2017 BY ANNETTE SALDANA

When Angelina called me, she was at the end of her rope. All she wanted was to keep her job as a business development manager for her company that had recently been acquired by an

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This NYC Publishing Exec Folded During Her Company’s Big Sale: Here’s How She Turned It Into Gold

September 22, 2016 BY ANNETTE SALDANA

When I met Hannah after a book lecture, she had just quit her job as a high-level publishing exec in the publishing capital of the world—New York City. After spending five years building

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How to Overcome 3 Mindset Barriers to Asking for Money

August 26, 2016 BY ANNETTE SALDANA

Happy Women’s Equality Day! How are you commemorating the passage of the 19th amendment, when women got the right to vote in 1920? I became aware of Women’s Equality

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How to Spot An Opportunity

January 29, 2016 BY ANNETTE SALDANA

I had a miracle in my life last night and I did what we as humans so often tend to do-- I overlooked it. I have a sneaky feeling there are MANY opportunities happening right

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Every Decision You Make Affects Everything. How to Pay Attention and Choose Wisely. 

January 22, 2016 BY ANNETTE SALDANA

Everyday, women around the world go all out to support and nurture the lives of those they touch. They run businesses, serve clients and strive to take care of their families through daily

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