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The Dark Side of Tolerance

October 28, 2016 BY ANNETTE SALDANA

Often tolerance is referred to in a positive light. We are told that tolerance is a trait we should be cultivating to be more at peace with ourselves and others. Today,

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How One ‘People Pleaser’ Learned to Take Her Life Back at Work

September 9, 2016 BY ANNETTE SALDANA

I was up visiting clients in New York City last winter when Natalie and I were beaming at the company’s holiday party.  Beaming because the owners of the small but successful design studio

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Every Decision You Make Affects Everything. How to Pay Attention and Choose Wisely. 

January 22, 2016 BY ANNETTE SALDANA

Everyday, women around the world go all out to support and nurture the lives of those they touch. They run businesses, serve clients and strive to take care of their families through daily

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The Mindset to Use When You’re Tired of Being Bullied


You look down at your hands. Your heart starts to race. You try to collect your thoughts. As tears spring to your eyes. You can’t be seen crying at

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