Leadership empowerment for women who want more out of life.


Lunch and Learn is a uniquely designed training experience to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

The Power
of Money Mindsets
Shift your mindset. Grow your profits.

You’ll learn:

• How your beliefs affect your behavior and your bottom-line
• Two mindsets that block your success and how to clear them
• Profitable perspectives to maximize your performance

4 ways this is different from networking events: 

1. Impactful: Empowering coaching and fun. Fresh topics. Fresh insights
2. Efficient: Designed for the busy woman who doesn’t have time to waste and wants to keep it real.
3. Tailored: Every Lunch + Learn has break out groups where you participate in a 7-10 minute think tank TAILORED for your needs.
4. Nurturing: A new way of connecting with women, and it’s proven to work.

"Because seeing your VALUE and helping you express your worth and bring it to life, just happens to be my GIFT and my TALENT."

- Annette Saldaña

This woman is the QUEEN of communication, and knows the immense power your conversations have, especially the conversations you have with yourself. I loved witnessing the shift in each one of us as we each left the room a more empowered person, more ready than EVER to make things happen. Annette has the rare ability to ask the right questions, so that you can get the perspective you need to see yourself in an entirely new light. It is magical, and if you ever get the opportunity to work with her, I absolutely would.

This isn't just another meet-up or workshop. Far from it. Annette's Lunch and Learn will shift you in ways that you didn't even know possible. She'll show you how the conversations you have with yourself are a gold mine to discovering your own creative power to change your mindset, and you'll leave with the boost of inner confidence you need to step up in your life and your business. If you're looking for a shift, this is it!

-Alex Beadon

Marketing Expert

I left this workshop today with not only a new perspective on what matters to me, but also tools (many, many tools) on how to make that real in my life this year, today, now! Walking into today’s space was warm and safe. I would have paid double the money to get this valuable knowledge.

-Bridgette Cruz

Real Estate Expert

I’m walking away feeling confident, lighter, and with more clarity. Annette showed me how to overcome my fears and obstacles powerfully.

-Sarai Caruso

CEO, SJC Investigative Group, Inc.

What a great way to kick-off the year! I loved sharing authentically with other women. I am so impressed with the work you do to empower women! Thank you.

-Victoria Auger

Interior Designer

I’m walking away feeling confident, lighter, and with more clarity. Annette showed me how to overcome my fears and obstacles powerfully.

-Maria Brennan

Corporate Training Developer at Grow Financial Credit Union

I learned the beliefs in my subconscious filter everything coming through my 5 senses. Those beliefs aren't always obvious to you, in my case not obvious to me at all. With some digging those beliefs can be unearthed, challenged and replaced with beliefs that better serve me and my goals. I also learned about the concept of emotional hijacking, and how and why managing your emotions are key to having productive conversations with desirable outcomes. You don't have to feel weird or weak by asking for something - it can be done in a surefooted untroubled way, which is more likely to yield the desired results.

The lunch event didn't change my goals, but it challenged my approach to them. Shifting my mindset can elevate my creativity, open my thinking, focus my planning, renew my energy and improve my accountability to myself!

What this event is not- is another tired, cliched mantra of 'if you can dream it you can do it'. I hate that over-simplified b.s!. Annette's presentation is based in some science. The event was personal in that we each spoke of our goals and struggles. Her coaching was personal and it challenged our thinking in a remarkably non-judgemental way. Some of the challenges the other women spoke about resonated with me. We spoke, we listened, we contributed to each other and I would say we all walked away feeling challenged but lifted. It was a great 4 hours, well worth my time and money."

– Leslie Gold

Radio Personality & Producer, The Gong Show Live