How to Spot An Opportunity

I had a miracle in my life last night and I did what we as humans so often tend to do– I overlooked it. I have a sneaky feeling there are MANY opportunities happening right under our noses — and if we could spot them, we might pause with reverence, start creating, and experience a leap of unexpected joy. And we all want a little more of that don’t we?
Think about it….

What we look for determines what we see.
How do your preferences can get in the way of seeing an opportunity?
Maybe you have a gut reaction against stuffy personality types, slack behaviors, or the last minute request from a client challenge that pops up in business. This might sound something like: “That’s stupid!” “What were you thinking!? That was rude (stupid, mean, selfish, some version of WRONG)!” Was it really? Or did it just seem that way to you? Sometimes we’re irrationally confident.

Pay close attention.
Here’s where to spot your biases, and limited viewpoints. Your frustrations are the opportunity for something way beyond a glass of wine or self-pity. Get curious. Dig deep. What can you figure out about yourself when you really pay close attention? Get creative and choose your words carefully.

Assume you’re not getting the whole picture.
The perceiver always affects the perceived. Filters that color our view make unbiased perceptions impossible. But being aware of that fact is an important step in seeing at least more of the whole picture! So, what certainty prevents you from seeing the opportunity? When you listen to your employee, potential client, or business partner, are you expecting “the obvious” and “more of the same” or are you open for a miracle?

Do you ever wonder what life feels like when we’re in the presence of an opportunity? What is possible?What needs to happen for you to see a miracle right in front of you? Maybe you need to give up a particular line of thinking, or ask the right questions that will change everything in a flash.

There is Always Opportunity

I was speaking with a private client last week. Her US visa was denied and an 11-year relationship had suddenly come to an end. Sometimes life hurts AND is soul crushing. In the worst way. And when life hurts that badly, there’s one question our mind wants answered. There’s one thing we want more than chocolate or vodka. We want it more than transcendence. And hard to believe, we want this more than we even want to be happy.

We want to be right.

So my client and I spent time shining a light onto the conversations she was having with herself and the stories began to unravel. The disappointment ebbed and flowed like it does when the shit hits the fan. During these moments–if you’re lucky enough to feel what’s going on with you–it looks like this: one moment you’re holding on, the next moment you feel like dying, and right after that arises a moment of joy–where just for a moment life looks painful but perfect. Then the cycle starts all over again.

I explained to her that the opportunity was clear: consume or create.  

Consume the stories of disappointment or create a tale of opportunity?

That’s the choice.

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The belief that opened doors for me? Discovering I could serve others through making the right requests. The request itself became a vehicle for personal transformation. I became more courageous and more confident.