Six Months Into Her New Wall Street Job, She Wanted a Raise and a Promotion

Rachel ​used ​“3 Easy Steps to Get What You Want With Confidence and Grace” to get through a tough job interview process, and she had just been hired as a senior manager at a major investment bank. It was a big win.
Unfortunately, two months later that “win” had lost some of its luster, especially when she realized she was outperforming a male colleague at the VP level. She was outshining him in every area—except for her title and her paycheck.
I think I know what you’re gonna say: This happens every day. And according to research from the Rockefeller Foundation, although more than three quarters of Americans (82%) said it’s important for women and men to have the same opportunities for career advancement, less than a third of employees (33%) said it’s a top priority for their direct manager.
In a perfect world, businesses do have a responsibility to help bridge the gender gap. But ​what if ​you​’re more powerful than you think? You can own the responsibility to take care of yourself and your own needs and wishes. In other words, a perfect world starts at home.​
Here are some questions I want you to ask and answer for yourself honestly​:
  • What are you doing to promote yourself in your current work situation?
  • Do your title and salary reflect your value to your company?
  • Are you secretly believing that you’ll be promoted if you work hard enough?
  • Are you willing to work at developing the resilience it takes to get up after a major setback, to make a plan, and take action?
Rachel faced her hardest critique—herself—and got real with where she was. So after she stopped kicking herself for not negotiating more successfully during the interview process, she became very passionate about the fact that she was missing out on earnings. She went back to 3 Easy Steps and gained the necessary skills and backbone to persist through six tough conversations in which she was told “no” flat out.
When she stopped and​ ​got in the world of her audience, the “yes” she wanted wasn’t far behind. ​
Today, I’d like to share with you five of the key questions we use on our Mindset Makeover Exercise to help clients get the “yes” they deserve. Even if you don’t know the answers, take the time to imagine and speculate from there. The point isn’t to get the answers right. The point is to think in new ways. 
  1. What is their likely attitude about the topic (i.e., your raise or promotion)?
  2. What pressures are they feeling (at work, at home, etc.)?​
  3. What is their work style? ​
  4. What do you already know about their goals and their values?
  5. How would fulfilling your request support what matters to them?
Here’s what happened. In doing her homework Rachel realized her boss was a little lazy, and that was a valuable insight. So rather than depend on him carry her arguments for a raise to the ultimate decision-maker, she decided to make it very easy for her boss to fulfill her request by putting her compelling arguments in a sales deck—all he had to do was pass it along to the department head.
And while nobody else at her company got a raise this year, Rachel managed to secure a 25% bump, and she is prepping to get VP next year.

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