Irresistible Requests

Ladies. Achieve more with less effort. Unleash the Power of Your Words. Become Unstoppable. 

You stand ready to open the door to humming, thrumming, unstoppable performance. May I present the key?

Sacrifice the notion that successful people have something you don’t.

It’s the only sacrifice you’ll make—and good riddance!

Ever wondered what special quality makes some women able to effortlessly get what they want, speak with confidence, and stand up for themselves while respecting others? They make it look oh so easy. What I’ve discovered is this:


The most successful woman you know is as ordinary as you and me…

with one imperceptible difference…

that leads to the most perceptible impact:

She sees the world differently…

So she makes sense of the world differently…

So she speaks of the world and to the world differently.

That one, quantum leap difference is: her mindset

and the words on which that mindset is built.

This isn’t some recycled, new-agey nonsense. It’s science.


The female brain has a more active anterior cingulate cortex than the male brain. This is the part of the brain we can thank for helping us shift attention and recognizing errors. However, when it is overactive, women easily become paralyzed in negative thoughts or behaviors, seeing only what is wrong rather than what is right.

Harnessing the unique power of your mind to build you up rather than tear you down is a game-changer. Pair that with qualities that have long been labeled as traditionally “female” and coincidentally proven to make up the most effective type of leader?

You’re left with a powerhouse: you.

And the things you may have once believed to be weaknesses

could actually be reclaimed as your greatest strengths.

Are you ready to look at, and shift, your own habits, perceptions, and stories?

That’s why I created Irresistible Requests™ an innovative training program for women who want to leverage their conversations to grow and produce exceptional results in every area of their lifeOver the course of 6 months, I will help you…

You can begin to build real-world skills that will change your career and life using techniques based on positive psychology, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence. 

Your investment for SIX MONTHS OF TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING is $2,700. Payment plans are available, with an initial deposit of $450 and the remainder payable as $450 per month for five months.

Are you ready to turn your obstacles into stepping stones? Your first obstacle: valuing yourself enough to schedule a free consultation with me.

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“I used Annette’s three steps to ask for a 25% salary increase and ultimately, on a prorated basis, got it in the form of a bonus after only working 6 months for my company. Through her techniques, I was able to get clear on the specific request, justify it (from multiple perspectives) and have the courage to persist through about 6 conversations to make it happen. Having Annette’s attitude creates a sense of adventure in the ask. What could be more exciting than going directly for what you really want? ” – S.S. Morgan Stanley

“I have always been afraid to ask for what I want, for fear of what the answer would be (the answer I made up in my head)  if I asked the question , so I would just shut up. The thing that stuck with me the most is acknowledging the fact that we as women, make up stories in our head, and actually act upon them as they were real. I am so guilty of doing this.  But after applying your technique to both my professional and personal life, the outcome is astonishing. I no longer listen to the voice in my head that answers my questions long before I ask them. I am able to respectfully make a request for what I want, and be prepared for the answer, whether negative or positive. My boss said this is the version of me he wants to see every day.”– A.M. Office Depot   

You should know:

  • You don’t have to leave your office. The entire “training” is conducted from the convenience of your desk or meeting room.
  • No fancy technology required. A high-speed Internet connection and phone is all the equipment you need. Just dial in, login and start learning.
  • No wasted time. Our compact, one-hour sessions fit into the busiest of schedules. In no time, you’re back on the job using the wealth of relevant information you gained.
  • Gain the insights and views of leading experts. Our trainers are hand-picked for their knowledge, experience and ability to deliver an enormous number of drilled-down skills in a short period of time.

I’m Stepping Up Annette! 

I'm Stepping Up Annette

Workshops and Group Pricing Available Upon Request.

True Freedom 

Entrepreneurs! Do you think clients are drying up? Think they can’t afford it? Think again.

They just don’t believe you’re worth it.  …Yet.

This year long coaching program is for entrepreneurs (male or female) in the early growth stage of their business who are smart, motivated, have a lot to offer, and are ready to make their impact in the world. True Freedom offers the fast track to growth and performance.

I have worked with dozens of Fortune 100 companies elevating the sales performance of entire teams and departments. You’re going to get that same level of attention but focused on your specific goals and needs.

It’s an opportunity to break the routine—to practice in a safe environment and reboot your business, your mindset, your entire life—because we all know how hard it is.

Find your voice.

  • Recognize your value and confidently express yourself with any audience.
  • Attract clients and partners who love working with you as much as you do them—and who are willing to pay you top dollar for the value you provide (or offer endorsements that move mountains).

When you speak with power, you get respected.  And respected people are those who effortlessly get the gig, artfully make the money, and have an easier time hearing the “Yes!” they deserve. Everything you say (or don’t say) makes a statement about who you are, how much you should be paid, and whether you’re worth it. Practice makes perfect. This is where you do it. 15-30K per year. 

Interested in applying? Have questions? Let’s talk. It’s complimentary. 

I started working with Annette about 3 years ago, seeking coaching that would help me to restructure my business and assist me in my business development effort. After 10 years of being a consultant I had developed a desire to start an agency in order to grow my client base and get bigger commissions. I design graphic user interfaces and data visualizations for the financial service industry, but I wanted to broaden my client base and break out a bit. Over the past years “data visualization” has become a very ‘hot topic’ in the design community, and my services were always in high demand. I had just received a very lucrative offer to join the staff of the biggest financial data provider to start and manage their internal data visualization department, an offer that I subsequently declined in order to pursue my own venture.

When we first started our weekly coaching sessions I was at a point where I was deeply frustrated and troubled by the challenges I encountered in moving from the ‘consultant space’ into an ‘agency model’. Mostly I felt disempowered by my difficulties to find and close new business opportunities and I had troubles to evaluate my services.

Annette helped me to understand, verbalize and manage my fears as well as to create a vision for my venture and my life. Through a number of exercises she helped me to recognize – and ultimately change – my preoccupations (or what she calls ‘conversations’) about issues as diverse as ‘money’, ‘business goals’, or my ‘fear of the unknown’. We worked together on my personal and professional ‘manifesto’, creating and setting intentions, and working towards reaching them. For a long time she had me post a simple note saying “it shall be” next to my computer. Over the course of roughly six month she built up my confidence and provided aid to define who I wanted to be and what I wanted my business to be.

Additionally, we worked on a number of business development strategies. She gave me valuable feedback on a number of leads I had and coached me in interacting and communicating with them. Above all she introduced a layer of accountability, something I desperately needed since I did not want to bring in a partner. Annette was at my side every step of the way, seemingly equally invested in my venture as I was.

Our hard work (and it was hard and emotional at times) paid off a couple of months ago. I was approached by a client who wanted to hire me as a consultant for a big project, on terms that were financial lucrative, but not in line with my vision for my business. Applying the methods and skills I had learned from Annette I was able to renegotiate the scope and structure of the engagement to fit my needs. I turned a 30,000$ consulting job into a 120,000$ commission fully in line of what I wanted. I gained the necessary control over the project and – most importantly – did not undervalue my work as I had done in the past.

The post-it note next to my computer reads “yes!” now…. and we continue to grow. 

Hermann Zschiegner – Principal + Founder Two N 

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133 Months of Momentum

Develop a mindset of resilience and success, negotiate and communicate while feeling totally light on your feet, as your own momentum whisks you away.  

The toughest challenge that you face in business, at home and in the world at large is getting people with different attitudes, ideals, codes and values to work together  towards a common goal.

These kinds of problems can be blown-away by a specific type of coaching conversation.

A conversation that reaches beyond traditional methods of intervention, motivation, mentoring and goal setting. A conversation that enables you to view challenges as an opportunity and frees you to think, innovate and act in ways you never could before.  

3 MONTHS OF MOMENTUM is that conversation.

To break down the barriers to your success, you need to understand human behavior. Especially, your own.

Margaret Wheatley writes in Leadership and the New Science, “No matter what we do, stability and lasting solutions elude us. It’s time to realize that we will never cope with this new world using our old maps. It is our fundamental way of interpreting the world—our worldview—that must change. Only such a shift can give us the capacity to understand what’s going on, and to respond wisely.”

How often do you wish you could step outside the fast-paced and ever-changing demands of your day to think about larger initiatives?

Do you frequently pause to examine your views and address the bigger picture?

If you need outcomes now, if you need reliable rituals and habits that work every time, even when you don’t have the perfect, proven words, if you need to know someone has got your back, because you can feel it, then the time is now.

$7,500 starts you off on your own personal 3 Months of Momentum.

Over the course of 90 days, you’ll learn how to:

  • Craft conversations that leverage commitment and connection while inspiring employees, customers, and investors to act quickly, align deeply, and deliver exceptional business results.
  • Learn correct techniques to launch better initiatives. Lead faster teams. 
  • Achieve more with less effort. Lead in a way that leaves you feeling dignified and with a healthy dose of self-respect.

It’s powerful, private, and long-lasting.

Every Month for 3 Months… You’ll Receive:  

  • 60 minutes with Annette to zoom in on the closest, and most urgent opportunities— the mindset shifts and strategies to make them happen.
  • 60 minutes with Annette to learn how to position yourself to entice others to just naturally WANT to do your bidding–using their own core motivations and desires. This session provides some serious back-up–even if your confidence feels a little light right now.
  • Unlimited email support
  • 30 minutes “on demand” with Annette to troubleshoot, brainstorm, and keep the momentum going.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to inspire people to take action in your workplace—all by reshaping the way you speak, think, and react to the challenges and setbacks that naturally crop up. Simply click on the link below to schedule a complimentary consult.

Have questions? Let’s talk. It’s complimentary. 

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Annette Speaking 2Public Speaking

At the age of 18, Annette was helping a non-profit called the Hunger Project. In her quest to help reduce world hunger, she realized that her ability to ask for what she wanted was the single biggest success factor in her relationships and earnings, and in building effective organizations. She has since spent more than 20 years helping entrepreneurs and executive leaders of large companies like AT&T, Ogilvy, American Express, AIG, HBO and MetLife, energizing them to change their conversations to change their lives.

By understanding human behavior, especially your own, you can grow. It’s amazingly powerful. Once you understand your own mindsets, including your fears and assumptions, you see that they filter everything you see. Most of us aren’t truly aware of how conversation affects business results. Why?

Because we haven’t identified the hidden conversations governing our mindset.